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Pauline is a ray of sunshine when it comes to the world of volunteering. Embodying the philosophy ‘Alone we can do little, but together we can do so much’, Pauline works hard to spread this message of community spirit within her day-to-day life.

“I like to really get the message out there that anyone can get involved in volunteering. There are so many different jobs even if it’s something small like making a poster. So, why not volunteer? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.”

Working for the Home Office for over 25 years has presented her with a variety of opportunities to volunteer for The Charity for Civil Servants and she has embraced them all. Even though she officially became a volunteer with us just two years ago, Pauline has been fundraising for us and many other charities for a very long time.

Her volunteering activities involve coordinating the charity committee in the Capital Building, arranging cake sales, running stands at events and leaflet dropping. All creative ventures allow Pauline to tell other civil servants about the Charity and encourage those in need to seek help. She has consequently referred many staff members to our services over the years.

"When you can give people the information that will help them, it is so satisfying because you’ve taken a little bit of the pressure away from them. That’s what I like about the Charity, it’s like a little comfort net for them."

Pauline comments on the positive effects volunteering has on her mental wellbeing. After running a stand at a ‘Mental Health Awareness’ event, she discussed how good it felt to help others. A final word of advice from this inspirational lady, is that you don’t have to do a million and one activities to be a great volunteer. Even the smallest things can make a big difference. Sometimes it takes just one conversation to instigate real positive change.