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Football and family used to take up all of Lee’s spare time, but a couple of bad injuries highlighted that his playing career was over.

Looking for a new challenge and despite having a young family, Lee was keen to use his small amounts of free time constructively. One day an advert for the Charity came up on his intranet as he logged into his work account at the Department for Work and Pensions.

After applying for the role of a Campaign Volunteer, with a few on-line courses he was up and running.

“To be honest I have never looked back. I have met some really good people from around the country who are just as passionate in what they do as I am."

"We are not miracle workers and we will never be able to change the world but as they say ‘every little helps’ and ‘when a lot do a little the results can be massive’. That keeps me going to offer as much help as I can.”

Lee says that since he started volunteering two years ago he has also gained confidence and it has changed his life for the better too.

“I would recommend it to anyone who has the time to volunteer. It not only benefits other people but can benefit yourself in ways you would not expect."

"In general I am quite a quiet person but when I started interacting with people I really got into it and enjoyed it. It’s given me the opportunity to spend time with a wider circle of people and it’s also helped with promotions as I have good examples to use at the interviews.”

Watch Lee's story below.