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Become A Volunteer With The Charity

Why do we need volunteers?

Each year we provide help and support to over 10,000 people, yet with an estimated 1.5 million people eligible for our help and a commitment to doubling the help we provide, we need to get talking to even more people!

This is where our volunteers come in. Our fantastic team of both current and former civil servants make sure people know what help is available to them and how they can access it. 

From fundraising to simply promoting us or signposting and attending events on our behalf, our volunteers get involved in it all! Whatever skills you have and however much time you have to give, there are plenty of ways you can help us spread our message even further.

What will I be doing?

Quite simply, we need you to start conversations with people within a lifelong community of civil servants that you’re already a part of.

It’s completely flexible. We’ll give you all the training and materials you need to make raising our profile as easy as possible. It’s up to you how you put this into practice in your workplace or community.

Our volunteers do a range of things throughout the year - it’s all down to what works for you.

We’ll often invite you to come along to events either on our behalf or to share your experiences with other volunteers, so there’s always a chance to get talking to people even if you’re not currently working.

Being a volunteer with us centres on working together with the Charity, but also building relationships with those around you to ensure they know we are here to support them, for life.

If you have any questions, please call our Volunteer Engagement Team on 020 8240 2474 or email