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Your Appraisal And Applying For Special Leave

Whilst we try our best to balance your work commitments with our volunteer training by using teleconference, Skype and email tools, we know that a face-to-face course is hard to beat. 

And whilst some of our training sessions are over weekends and in the evenings, there may still be times when we have to run them during the working week. 

We’re also aware that your role may require you to volunteer within your working hours.  

Making the case for special leave to volunteer for us

That’s why applying for Special Leave is something you might want to consider. Although all senior civil servants are encouraged to allow every member of staff to take one day off a year to volunteer, the allowance for this is down to your individual Manager’s discretion, and depends on the demands of your team and the level of your workload.

We think it’s important that all working volunteers make their Manager aware of their volunteering role for the Charity. We also think volunteering for us should form part of your appraisal because of the learning and development opportunities it offers during your Civil Service career.

Mentioning your volunteering during your workplace appraisal

That’s why we’ve developed some handy notes for you give to your Manager to help him or her understand the incredible support you’re giving civil servants in need across the country by volunteering for us.

If you need our assistance let us know and we’ll see what we can do to help. You can contact the Charity’s Volunteer Programme Manager Marie directly on 020 8240 2459, who can provide anything you may need or that your Manager asks for.