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We’ve made volunteering with us as simple and flexible as possible. It doesn’t matter how much time you have, experience or what you fancy doing – there’s always plenty of opportunity to get involved. We’ll make sure you’ve got all the information you need to be confident in speaking about the work we do and that’s simply what we want you to do… get talking to people!

There’s a great menu of materials for you to order if you want to promote us in your office – how about jelly beans in the kitchen or pens in a team meeting? If you’re not in an office, how about going to local events on our behalf and meeting people who might not know about us. Of course, there’s always the chance to sell raffle tickets, bake cakes or even abseil in the name of fundraising!

Our community is a busy one; full of activity between volunteers both old friends and new sharing tips, hints and success stories about what works for them – so if you’re just starting up, don’t worry we’ve got lots of experience to share.