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Lucinda, Foreign and Commonwealth Office - photo posed by model

Lucinda used to travel the world with her job at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. When she experienced a traumatic relationship breakdown, her life as she knew it spiralled out of control.

Lucinda had been with her partner for eight years before the relationship came to an end. The shock of the separation was so tremendous, that her mental health became severely affected. As Lucinda received the right support and guidance, she finally had the time to focus on her mental wellbeing and eventually got back on her feet.

During this stressful period of time, Lucinda could no longer manage her personal affairs and inevitably found herself in debt. The severity of this situation had become so extreme, that she was at risk of homelessness. Although she was in a much better place than before, she was not prepared for a situation like this.

"The struggle with my mental wellbeing has been my main focus for such a long time, so I didn’t know where to start with my finances. I didn’t want to feel judged. I just needed someone to hold my hand and say – I know it’s difficult, but we can get through this together."

It was at this point that Lucinda contacted the Charity. After hearing her story, we provided her with in-depth money advice. We set up a manageable budget plan together which allowed Lucinda to move forward. 

"The money advice gave me something to focus on. That was really good for me. I wasn’t as financially out of control as I thought and we planned my next steps together. When you lose your confidence and someone takes the time to hear your voice. It helps a lot."

In addition to financial advice and support, we were also able to help Lucinda with her ongoing anxiety. Due to our partnership with Anxiety UK, we were able to partially fund Lucinda’s ongoing treatment with the mental health charity. The mental wellbeing of our lifelong community matters to us and we will continuously do our best to be the helping hand Lucinda had been searching for.

"Be brave and allow people to help you, however embarrassed you feel. It’s about taking that first step. I can’t thank the Charity enough for what they’ve done for me and that’s why I want to share my story."

Photo posed by model.

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