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A holiday in the Philippines visiting Adora’s family turned into a nightmare when her husband had a series of strokes.

Ronald spent a lot of time in hospital, originally in a coma, and the medical bills stacked up. For the next five years Adora remained in the Philippines to be closer to her family for support and took on the role of her husband’s full-time carer. With no money coming in and a series of doctor and medication bills to pay for she spent all the cash they had. 

Originally from the Philippines she brought up her three children with her British husband in South East London, and has lived mostly in the UK for the past 35 years. They both worked for the Metropolitan Police Service.

Her husband passed away twenty years ago but by then Adora was in her late fifties and has struggled financially ever since. She returned to the UK with large bills and very little money to get by.

Adora said: “I was reduced to a very frustrating situation financially after paying for all the medical bills. I learnt about the Charity after my husband died. He was also a Civil Servant and I was sent information.  That was when I knew that an organisation could help me.

“Gradually from time –to-time when I have needed help you have been there. It really has made a big difference to me. I want to tell people that there is always help.”

From an orthopaedic bed to a new washing machine – financial support to buy relatively small household items has been a big relief to Adoracion over the years.

A terrifying incident then brought her back into contact with the Charity just a few months ago (August 2016). As she was opening her front door after returning home, two people attacked her from behind and pushed her into the house. They went through her belongings and took various items including cash saved for the rent, jewellery, bank cards and her Freedom Pass.

During this terrible time the Charity were able to help with a one-off payment to help her cover essential bills.

Adora said: “I can’t thank you enough for the help. It was a total relief from the burden.”

With her family living nearby and close friends on her street, Adora appreciates all the support she receives from people around her. She wants others to know that the Charity is out there and willing to help. 

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