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Do You Help People Like Me?


Frances and Mike had their income unexpectedly cut when Mike lost his Incapacity Benefit; we provided them with financial support and debt advice.

“It was not just 'we can help you' it was also 'here is more information that can help you manage better, going forward.'”



After Philip’s flat was flooded and his possessions ruined, he found himself getting into debt with a deposit on a new home. We helped him get back on his feet with financial support to replace some of what he had lost. 
“Without a doubt I'd recommend the Charity to anyone who finds themselves in an emergency situation like mine.” 


Valerie on her scooter

The breakdown of Valerie’s ancient scooter left her housebound, and her low income didn’t stretch to cover the costs of a new one. We provided her with a new scooter adapted for her needs. 

“It’s a real beauty, my friends are most impressed and it’s really improved my life.”



Lesley received financial support and debt advice from the Charity. 
“As a single parent I constantly struggle to meet all my living costs, but the Charity helped me break the vicious cycle.”


Jane suffered a bad injury, requiring months of rehabilitation only on sick pay. The Charity gave her support which enabled her to make her mortgage payments and continue with her physiotherapy. 
“I felt that the biggest weight was being lifted off my shoulders.”


Rebecca has arthritis and couldn’t close her front door, which had swollen in bad weather. We provided her with support to get a new front door fitted.
“I worked in the Civil Service in the 1970s and thought that after all this time I wouldn’t be eligible for your help, but I was.”


Sarah often needs to take time off work to care for her disabled daughter. We provided her with a Carer’s Passport to help her managers understand her responsibilities. 
“Trying to explain my needs as a carer can be quite difficult, but with the Passport, managers seem more open to discussing it.”

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