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Carer's Statement

The Carer's Statement outlines an individual’s caring responsibilities and helps inform carers and care-needs assessment conversations with Carer’s Organisations, GPs and Health and Social Care Professionals.
The aim of the Statement is to encourage carers to communicate their needs to the professionals involved with the carer - or the person they’re caring for - so that they’re fully aware of the impact the caring role is having on the person. This enables the carer to access the relevant support more easily. 
The Carer’s Statement can be updated when circumstances change and reduces the need for the carer to continually repeat themselves to the people involved, as many carers find this very difficult. Along with the Statement, people will receive an information sheet which provides details relevant to their circumstances.   
The Statement is available to our former and retired community as well as our serving civil servants. After receiving his Statement one retired civil servant told us:
"It was the first time I’ve ever spoken or put down on paper how I actually feel at this moment in time, of the progression of my wife's illness. For that reason and the realisation that in future I don’t have to repeat myself over and over again, it really did make me feel better. Thank you so much."
If you would like a Carer’s Statement, or would like to know more about the Statement, please start an online application

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