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Thomas, HM Prison Service.

Thomas’ problems began in January 2015 when he had to take time off from his job as a reserve prison officer because of a serious shoulder injury.

His recovery was slower than expected and he found himself needing an operation. After six months unable to return to work, he received a letter from the Prison Service informing him that his sick pay would be reduced to half.

Thomas had been preparing for this. He and his wife had made plans for living on his limited salary but, due to a clerical mistake, his pay was reduced to zero instead, leaving them with no income at all.

“We didn’t know what was going on at first; all of a sudden our money was just gone. We were panicking.”

Without warning Thomas and his wife suddenly found themselves unable to pay their bills or rent. Lacking the savings to cover this sudden loss of income, they became worried they might lose their home or be left without gas or electricity. The struggling couple began to consider taking out a payday loan to meet the unexpected costs.

Fortunately, after his injury the Prison Service had sent Thomas the Charity’s details in case he should ever need our help. With bills steadily mounting and still not receiving any sick pay, Thomas contacted us to find out if The Charity for Civil Servants could offer the help he and his wife so desperately needed.

After hearing their story, we gave the couple financial support to cover their bills and rent, saving them from going into arrears.

“It was a great weight off both our minds. We hadn’t even heard of the Charity before all this happened and we’re blown away by how helpful you were.

“You were absolute lifesavers and we couldn’t be more grateful. You really came through for us in a crisis and I won’t forget that.

“Really, everyone in the Civil Service should know about you and the amazing work you do.”

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