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Marcus, DWP

Twenty year-old Marcus was enjoying the special moments that come with being a father for the first time when a random injury to his knee, followed by the sudden death of his own dad, turned everything on its head.

Whilst getting the shopping out of the boot of his car, he had a freak accident and dislocated his kneecap. A small action had a massive consequence as Marcus couldn't move his leg properly, was housebound for weeks and had to take over two months off work. When he went down to half pay, Marcus found himself struggling to meet all his monthly bills.

His wage for his job at DWP was covering the cost of their new home (bought shortly before the arrival of his son), but with no spare cash in reserve, when his pay was unexpectedly reduced Marcus found himself in trouble.

Then a month after his injury, Marcus' father passed away and it hit him especially hard. He found himself coping with his grief as well as money worries and when his wife then unexpectedly became very ill whilst pregnant with their second child, Marcus simply didn't know how to cope with it all.

His father-in-law who is also in the Civil Service, saw that he needed some help and advised Marcus to contact us. The Charity was able to give him some money to cover essential living costs for his family whilst he was on reduced pay. 

 "It’s a great thing it really is. I really was struggling. It topped my account up at a time when I had so much going out it helped to have something coming in. People aren't used to getting help for nothing. It was fantastic. These things happen out of the blue and it was a really stressful time."

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