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Ali, DWP.

Ali’s 11 year old son has learning difficulties and she looks after him mostly on her own. While she is usually able to make ends meet, when her boiler broke in the middle of a cold winter she knew her savings would not stretch to cover the repair costs.

Not only did her son refuse to bathe without heat, she was also recovering from recent surgery and needed to clean her stitches with heated water to prevent infection.

“I had to boil kettles of water to do the washing. We went to stay with my mother for a few days so we could use her kitchen and shower, but I knew the problem was still waiting for us back home.”

Out of ideas and desperate for a way to fix her boiler without taking on any debt, Ali confided in a work colleague, explaining the problems she was having at home and asked for advice. Concerned for Ali’s wellbeing, they reminded her that not only was there a Charity for Civil Servants but that Ali herself had been a donor for several years!

After telling us her situation, Ali was delighted when we were able to provide her with financial support. The money, combined with her savings paid for a full boiler repair, restoring hot water and heat to her home.

“You were so patient and understanding when I rang you. The lady on the phone just listened while I explained the problem. When she told me ‘Don’t panic’ it was just such a huge relief, she made me feel like things were going to be okay.”

Ali was under a lot of stress that has now been lifted. She no longer has to go to stay with her mother when she needs a shower and her son is a lot happier.

“You don’t realize how much you need hot water until you can’t get it.”

“You were my saviour when I had nowhere else to turn. The money made a huge difference to our lives at the time and improved our quality of life immensely. I cannot thank you enough. ”

Names have been changed and photo posed by model.

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