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Young Carers Awareness Day

A young carers hands holding a heart

25 January 2018

We often take notice of adults providing extra care for children with additional needs – but what about when the roles are reversed?

Any person under the age of 18 providing care for another person is considered a young carer – and there are over 700,000 of them across the UK right now.

Caring for someone with a disability or illness can be a monumental sacrifice, and even more so at such a formative age.

Young Carers Awareness Day, on 25 January, aims to create conversations about how difficult it can be for young carers to realise their hopes and dreams for the future with such challenges in place.

The Charity has long been keen to address the needs of carers, recently launching our Carers Need Care Too campaign (including our brand new Carer's Test) aimed at helping carers self-identify and gain access to the help they require to support their extra responsibilities.

We at the Charity understand that young carers may be providing invaluable support to you or someone you know – and as a current, former, or retired civil servant (or a dependent of), you or they could benefit from our range of caring services.

If you know a young carer supporting a civil servant, spread the word about the Charity – it could make all the difference.

For further information and advice about caring, check out our caring pages or call to speak to an Advisor in confidence on Freephone 0800 056 2424.

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