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Thinking About Your Financial Capability

14 February 2018

We’ve recently been talking to more and more people about effective budgeting and offering financial capability information as well as emergency help and debt advice.

That’s because we understand that if we can help you make informed decisions about your finances, you’ll be able to make the most of your money, plan ahead and improve your wellbeing.

It seems obvious but our ability to manage money is influenced by our attitudes, motivations and opportunities as well as our skills and knowledge. We may know how, but may not be motivated to act. We may be motivated to act but don’t know how.   

If this sounds like you you’re not alone. In a recent survey, 40% of people admitted to not being in control of their finances. In fact:

  • 19 million people aren’t happy with the way they budget
  • 21 million people have less than £500 to cover an unexpected cost

If you want to make informed decisions about your finances and understand the risks and benefits of particular options we can help.

The Money Advice Service has a very useful suite of resouces which we're featuring in our upcoming 'Making Money Matter' campaign, which is designed to help you address your own financial capability through a variety of sources including an interactive toolkit, an informative film, and a series of useful financial calculators. Watch this space for the official launch next week!

But your ability to access helpful advice doesn't start or stop there. Financial Capability comes down to a sharing of knowledge - knowledge each of us has, even to a small degree. By sharing little tips and pieces of advice around saving money, our whole community can benefit.

So why not head over to Facebook or Twitter and share some of your best money saving hints with us? You might just help to make a big difference in someone else's life.

If you are in financial trouble and can’t see a way out, we are here to help you. Our trained advisors will be able to offer you confidential and impartial advice and support, without judging you.

You can call us on freephone 0800 056 2424, email us at, or start an online application.