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'Tell It To The Chat-Bot' Part 2

17 October 2018

Introducing Jane-Bot

In late 2017, our Money Advice team began working with partners to create content and resources around Financial Capability – in line with the national strategy One of the challenges had been how to present all this new information in the most user friendly way, and with a logical user journey online. And so during the summer of 2018, we began building ‘JaneBot’ – a new, albeit virtual member of our Money Advice Team.

Using the same simple conversational Chat-Bot model, JaneBot offers a fun and engaging way to talk about money. She presents the user with a range of topics to explore, offering short video clips, digital tools, calculators and downloads. We’ve been testing JaneBot with over a hundred users in our community to try and get the best experience possible.

Launching as part of #TalkMoney week on 11 November 2018, JaneBot will sit as an optional tool on our website for users who don’t wish to browse through pages, or are perhaps not sure what they are looking for.

And DogBot!

In the meantime, we’ve also been applying what we’ve learnt to another Chat-Bot. Launching as part of our Mental Wellbeing campaign in October, DogBot is our very own virtual canine counsellor. Based around the creative brief, ‘Mental Health doesn’t have to be a difficult conversation’, the campaign presents DogBot with the caption ‘We’re all ears’ and offers users access to a 24/7 guide to the Charity’s array of resources designed to support their Mental Wellbeing.

Chat to the DogBot here.

Moving on

With DogBot running free and JaneBot about to take her first steps into the big wide world, we’ll begin to build some real expertise about what works, and perhaps most importantly, what doesn’t!

We know that not everyone will want to interact with us in this way. But for those that do, they’ll have access to a 24/7 interactive resource. It represents an opportunity to increase our reach to those who wouldn’t or couldn’t have engaged with us, and an alternative for those who already do.

And whilst these are extremely basic examples of what is known as AI, they present us with an opportunity to learn and build up to what could be a much more sophisticated offer in future.

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