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Have You Ever...?

18 September 2017

There’s a common theory that in order to approach the Charity, it has to be the worst case scenario. But what if something like our washing machine stops working or our relationship breaks down? What if we just don’t have the resources at the time to cope?

These common life events can spiral quickly without the right form of support. A relationship breakdown without savings could lead to homelessness or have a negative impact on our wellbeing if we cannot move out of the house, for example. But how exactly can the Charity help?

Our new ‘Have you ever…?’ game asks ten simple questions about these types of situations; have we ourselves or someone we’ve known ever experienced it? Your participants are given yes/no cards to hold up with their answers and you then explain with the given response, how the Charity may have been able to help.

The purpose of the game is to show the Charity is able to help with whatever problem we may have; even if we think it’s not “bad enough”. Life can be unpredictable and at some point, we can need somewhere to turn.

The pack is complete with everything you need to run this. So grab together a group of ten people in your office (team meetings, new recruits etc) or at an event and use this game to show them the range of help available from the Charity. They may be surprised when we’re able to step in.

This game is exclusively for Charity volunteers at the minute however if you’re interested in this resource or ones like it, why not have a look at signing up? Being a volunteer with the Charity couldn’t be simpler; there’s only one rule – tell as many people about us as you can. We’ll provide you all the training and resources you need and you choose the bits that suit you, your office and/or your friends best.