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Body Image And Women

Body Image and Women

8 May 2019

Today we are focusing on women! Every day, we are inundated by images of the perfect women - perfect body, perfect home, perfect wife, perfect friend, perfect mothering style - you name it! It is overwhelming, oppressive and difficult to ignore. The question is, does the excessive focus on our external selves make it difficult for women to focus on and appreciate our internal selves? 

What we know about cultural standards comes from the media. TV shows, movies, advertising, magazines, social media - show us what is beautiful, good, and desirable. This media portrayal of perfect implies a strong connection between physical appearance and happiness. It is important here to note that this portrayal is not only impossible for most people to attain - it is also a misrepresentation of the truth! However, for some people, or women, being exposed to these images can trigger body shame, body dissatisfaction, depression, anxiety, and eating disordered attitudes and behaviours.

So why do we still face such huge issues with body image and the impact that this can have on our wellbeing and happiness? Human nature means that we compare ourselves to others as some sort of benchmark but what we forget is that we are not comparing like with like. Seeing the beauty of ourselves internally and externally is about believing that we are worthy of love; of others time; of the job we have; the friends we have etc without that sense of self-worth and esteem it is irrelevant what we look like on the outside.

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