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The BIG Get Yellow Bake Off

28 August 2018

Dear cake bakers, dough kneaders and toffee-stick makers (and all civil servants who have never baked in their life but adore cake)

We need your help…

It’s that time of year again, the run-up to Get Yellow Week and a certain British institution – the Great British Bake Off and this year we have a civil servant competing! His name is Luke and he’s a civil servant by day and a DJ by night… mysterious. To learn more about him, follow him on Twitter @lukedjthompson and read his #GBBO profile.

We’re backing Luke all the way by encouraging bake sales in Civil Service departments across the UK each week in the run up to the The BIG Get Yellow Bake Off – this year’s theme for Get Yellow Week.

If you have ever watched the show and imagined yourself buttering a muffin or raising your buns infront of Paul Hollywood, then this is your chance! We’re asking our lifelong community far and wide to get involved each week by baking their own masterpieces (or disasters!)

Here are a few key facts about our show-stopping plan:

  • We are encouraging Civil Service offices across all departments to embrace a weekly Bake Sale every Tuesday during the series. That is ten weeks of delicious treats for your staff with the finale in The BIG Get Yellow Week Bake Off sale.
  • The Bake Sales can reflect the theme of the Great British Bake Off each week.
  • If you miss the “next – week…” theme on the programme, don’t get your pastries in a twist! We’ll post it on our social media pages in advance, so you have plenty of time to prepare.
  • Each week we will also publish three recipes – easy, medium and hard to get you started.
  • Head Office are joining in too with a weekly “We’re baking for Luke” Charity Bake Off, complete with our own judges! Shenanigans and results to be revealed on our social media channels.

Don’t be shy and tag us!

We would love to see your pictures and short videos of you baking/rising/kneading (and all the smashed eggs on the floor) on our Twitter and Facebook - so don’t be shy and tag us!

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never baked a thing in your life – we want EVERYONE to be involved and just give it a go. And if you have a disastrous time in the kitchen and end up with egg and flour all over the floor and walls (and yourself) we want those pictures for our social media as much as anything else! It’s all for a good cause.

So get your aprons on, avoid those soggy bottoms…and good luck!