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We have a shiny new quiz to brighten up your day at work. So why not step up as a Quiz Master and show off your skills and hold your own Your Big Quiz.

We've prepared everything you need to organise your event and it's such a great way to have a fun, perhaps the perfect excuse for some team bonding at work (or even in the pub afterwards). Plus you’ll be supporting your in-house charity at the same time!

This edition of Your Big Quiz has 30 interesting general knowledge questions, including a table round. 

And here's a little taster...

1. In UK TV's 'Noel Edmonds' House Party', the 'house' was situated near to which village? 

2. How tall are the classic red telephone boxes?

3. If Len, Craig and Bruno are rubbishing the rumba they've just seen, what are you watching?

(Answers below)

Want to know more?

To purchase a Quiz Pack you’ll need to part with £10, but for this you’ll receive a registration form (to recruit quizzers), a poster, a Quiz Pack, answer sheets and winners' certificate! (pictured below).

The Quiz Pack you'll receive from us.What's more this initial cost also includes the first five quizzers (so you might want to gather five of your friends or colleagues before registering).

Once you’ve told us when you’re holding your quiz and how many people you’re expecting the Fundraising Team here will send you a special promotional pack.

How to get involved? 

Simply fill out the form below, pay your £10 through PayPal (don't worry you don't have to have a PayPal account, they can take one off card payments too) and the Fundraising Team will then send you your Quiz Pack.

Answers: 1. Crinkley Bottom 2. 8 feet 4 inches 3. Strictly Come Dancing

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