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Help for anyone grieving or dealing with anticipatory grief.

Grief works

We work with Grief Works, an innovative app for people who are grieving or dealing with anticipatory grief.

Activate your complimentary 1-year access for grief support through your phone.

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Specialist organisations

There are lots of charities which provide specialist bereavement support. Many run helplines, share information and resources and run support groups.



Our library of webinars covers grief and bereavement topics including supporting bereaved staff.

Led by our own team of service experts, each webinar includes tools, ideas and sources of further help and advice.

Other help and support

As well as the emotional and physical effects of grief, your loss may have an impact on other areas of your life. Here’s how we can help.  

Help with legal issues

Information and support to help you through legal issues.

Financial Assistance

The cost of a funeral or loss of earnings can hit hard when someone dies. Find out how we could support you.

Benefits Calculator

When a loved one dies you may be eligible for additional benefits.

Support for Carers

Digital tools, support networks and information to support you in your caring role.


If you are dealing with anxiety, we have specialist resources and service which could help.

Wellbeing and health

Whatever you are coping with, we can listen and find ways to help.

Rachel’s story
Arun would have wanted me to live life to the full, so that’s what I’m trying to do. I want to say a massive thank you to the Charity for Civil Servants for helping me live it.

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