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Meet The Judges

Jean (previous Connie Henry winner)

Last years 'Connie Henry award' winner Jean is very deserving of the Charity's most prestigious title. Since registering as a volunteer in 2009, her enthusiasm has known no bounds. She's an active fundraiser, wellbeing champion, she communicates our messages to an unprecedented amount of people and helps to run volunteering sessions. Most importantly, she's always willing to go the extra mile to help her colleagues and support the Charity. She's got a real 'on the ground' understanding of what impacts our actions can have.

Brian (someone we've helped)

After his wife Nicole was diagnosed with Usher Syndrome, a rare and incurable disease, Brian became her carer. At the same time, he was juggling a full time job so approached the Charity for a Carer's Passport. He has a personal experience in the value of the work of the Charity and that's why we've invited him to join our panel. He continues to support the Charity, making it his goal to reach out to other carers in the community, letting them know what support is available.

Antonia (someone we've helped)

Despite being a confident person generally, Antonia has always been a worrier. Her anxiety heightened at work so much it began to significantly impact her personal life. The Charity put her in touch with Anxiety UK which she describes as "life changing". She has since developed her own work-life balance seminars delivered across the Civil Service. She is also a very vocal champion for the Charity to her peers. Antonia understands how quickly we can reach "breaking point" but how, with the right support, we can take back control too. 

Marie (Head of Volunteering)

Marie has been with the Charity since 2011, guiding the volunteer programme through some great developments. She's seen first-hand the variety of ways people get involved, how this makes a difference and how much fun this can be. Having overseen the past six volunteer awards and nominations, she's in a great position to take a seat on this year's judging panel.

Clare (Fundraising Manager)

From Walking Challenges to bake sales, Get Yellow week to sweepstakes - people's fundraising efforts keep Clare and the team busy. Clare is always finding out the new and sometimes unique ways people are raising money for the Charity. She'll be looking at those who have been fundraising but also, the nominations from people doing their bit in other ways. 


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